Blue Collar Skateboards

DIY skater owned independent skateboard co.

Blue Collar Skateboards is a northwest skater owned independent brand. We do almost all our own graphics in house including screen printing, stickers, banners, heat transfers, die cuts, packaging, sewing and much more. This allows us the creative freedom that so many companies are lacking. Our style is that of the working class, basic yet elegant, classic, simple and untrendy. Our creativity is unending and our pool of talented artists is grand.

Our mission is to promote skateboarding in all shapes and forms. Our intentions are to push for more municipal skateparks and actively create DIY underground spots. In addition, we hope to promulgate skateboarding in the atypical populations by sharing, fostering and rekindling the love of skateboarding to all ages/genders..  BCS trucks on.   

Charlie Krieg

Living in Seattle, Charlie lives and breathes skateboarding. with a killer flow and a ridiculous bag of tricks, Charlie will drop jaws all day at any skatepark. He was the first team rider on bcs and has consistently killed it. Ask him about his Simpsons selfie tats...he's got an extensive collection. He works full time as a mechanic in Sea town and loves the old Marginal Way.  

Blake Owens

The owner and operator of bcs, Blake has been shredding the northwest for twenty years. He is the direction, and does most of the grunt work too when it comes to BCS swag. He still enjoys an old man skate sesh and tries to progress everyday. He lives in bham with his wife Jessie and son Strummer.

Blake Owens boss manning is up. 

Keegan Brown

Keegan with out of work santa claus. 

A bellingham local, Keegan enjoys the finer things in life. Backside smith grinds, sixers and hardflips, keegan is a modern day class act. When not skating Keegan enjoys filming and making edits, working for the man, and botany.

Gabe Saxon

aka 'chode' an import from Reno, NV. In a short time Gabe has thrown down some insanity in the pac NW and turned some heads. Killing both street and park, Gabe skates hard as hell and leaves destruction in his wake. lookout for this spliffer! 

Gabe lurking for life

Tristan Moeller

Tristan is only 14 years old and already shredding at a collegel level. With a killer summer, he won half a dozen comps, just dominating the competition.  He is constantly expanding his bag of tricks and upping the ante on rails, stairs and drops. Keep an eye out cause this kid's future is so bright, you have to wear welding goggles and like some radiation suit and crap. 

Tristan Snagging some gear from BCS HQ.

Kyle Nolan

Kyle Nolan with a method to madness. 


Hailing from Friday Harbor, Kyle is an island shredder extraordinaire. He will come to a skate park and just completely leave it in shambles, throwing down crazy shit after crazy shit, leaving locals scratching their heads saying "I never thought you could do that".  To top it off Kyle is one of the nicest dudes you'll ever meet. 

Casey Rigney

Owens Casey Rigney and Blake Owens

Our resident ringer/ co-owner, Casey remains one of the most respected underground skaters around. His nollie heel flip nose manual on the Cali courthouse stage still remains one of the gnarliest tricks ever. His pop is insane and his switch skating god like. Keep your eyes peeled for a BCS Rigney pro model in the future. 

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