Blue Collar Skateboards

DIY skater owned independent skateboard co.

Blue Collar Skateboards is a northwest skater owned independent brand. We do almost all our own graphics in house including screen printing, stickers, banners, heat transfers, die cuts, packaging, sewing and much more. This allows us the creative freedom that so many companies are lacking. Our style is that of the working class, basic yet elegant, classic, simple and untrendy. Our creativity is unending and our pool of talented artists is grand.

Our mission is to promote skateboarding in all shapes and forms. Our intentions are to push for more municipal skateparks and actively create DIY underground spots. In addition, we hope to promulgate skateboarding in the atypical populations by sharing, fostering and rekindling the love of skateboarding to all ages/genders..  BCS trucks on.   

Andy Davidson

Andy has been skating since the 80s. He is an amazing artist who has done work for many companies including Spectrum skateboards. We will be releasing some super cool work that he did in the spectrum days as well as newer BCS art. 

Logan Mcquag

Logan has been rocking the punk music in Bellingham for over a decade. He's played in multiple bands including 84 and serious black. He recently started his own art company called novato designs and has been putting out some mind blowin art. We're really excited to have Logan on board and are looking forward to what his vision produces for BCS.

Logan Mcquag "Super Recession" superman painting.

Ryan Williams

Ryan Williams frontside grab at the coal pad. 


Ryan is shredder and a damn good artist. He's also one of the nicest guys you'll meet. Anyone who has seen him skate knows how at home and natural he is on a board and his art is exactly the same. He dreams up some great scenery and original concepts. Keep an eye out for some RW x BCS stuff coming soon, and maybe if we're lucky some skate shots.

Graham Callan


Graham has been in the scene for years. He started the first Unknown Skateshop and sold thousands of pieces of artwork at the pike place market in Seattle. We're stoked to have his unique perspective working on BCS graphics. As well as have him helping out at the shop doing screen printing. 

Bradley Lockhart

Brad has been a skater since the good old days and very active in the Bellingham music scene. He's played in a number of great bands including the Mark, Black Eyes and Neckties and Baltic Cousins. He's got mad graphic design skills and has made some really killer animated music vids for his own bands.  

Toby Stanger

Toby has an amazing artistic style and brings a level of detail to his art that is miles above what most people would only dream of achieving.  Another Bellingham skater, he has relevant taste and a great eye for satire. We are hoping to be doing more with Toby in the future. 

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