Blue Collar Skateboards

DIY skater owned independent skateboard co.

Blue Collar Skateboards is a northwest skater owned independent brand. We do almost all our own graphics in house including screen printing, stickers, banners, heat transfers, die cuts, packaging, sewing and much more. This allows us the creative freedom that so many companies are lacking. Our style is that of the working class, basic yet elegant, classic, simple and untrendy. Our creativity is unending and our pool of talented artists is grand.

Our mission is to promote skateboarding in all shapes and forms. Our intentions are to push for more municipal skateparks and actively create DIY underground spots. In addition, we hope to promulgate skateboarding in the atypical populations by sharing, fostering and rekindling the love of skateboarding to all ages/genders..  BCS trucks on.   

Fresh tee Friday Limited Edition- MC5

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Fresh tee Friday Limited Edition- MC5


This limited edition shirt is on sale for only three days- Ends Sunday July 31st. Taken from the radio friendly version of "Kick out the Jams". 100% cotton, printed by us at BCS. White Shirt/ Black text. 

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